Tft ovm, dasar unyil… Bikin ngakak terus, capek tau, ampe encok. HUAHAHA 😁😅😘😌

Ovm and friends haha. Sanlat n bukber #SMKMKH #lastday #happyholiday 😃😝😘

Ngeselin nih geng, tapi ngangenin, sekali bikin ketawa gak bisa berenti, tft ovm. 😌😚😘❤️👏

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Our Eyes

I don’t know why.

I think we always talk with our eyes.

But we never really talk with our mouth.

Almost exactly.

I don’t understand why I prefer look at your eyes than talk to you actually.

I think when I talk to you, I’ll say something bad, something stupid.

Then you’ll lost your feeling for me.

and it will broke my heart.

Maybe you have same feeling like I feel for you?

Culedrista Day. #2TahunBersamaCuledrista alhamdulillah full team 😁🎉😘💃👏

Books. Movies. Musics.

I love to read books.
I love to watch movies.
I love to listening musics.
Because of one reason.
I love beautiful words that I found in that.
I love quotes from the books.
I love lines from the movies.
I love lyrics from the songs.
That’s incredible when someone can make all of it, right?
I wish I can make them right someday.
And make everyone love the words on it.

“Ketika seseorang jatuh cinta, ia tak akan punya pilihan. Aku jatuh cinta padanya. Bukan berarti aku bersamanya karena tidak ada orang lain untukku. Aku tetap bersamanya karena itulah pilihanku. Setiap pagi, setiap kali kami bertengkar, berbohong, atau mengecewakan satu sama lain. Aku memilihnya terus menerus, dan dia memilihku.”
— Tris Prior, Allegiant

Your Birthday

Hey you, I wanna be the first to say happy birthday to you. But not directly. I just can tell to God. Then God would tell you about that.
Isn’t that romantic? Isn’t that sweet, huh?
That’s funny when we can meet everyday. Looking at each other everyday. We’re friend in fb. I have your number. But I can’t do that. :”)
Out story just like Hazel and Gus story, you know?
We’re really know the time we won’t meet again (maybe forever). Just like Hazel and Gus.
And when you really leave me. I should ready for all of that. But I know, I never ready about that.
It just makes me hurt so much. I would cry out loud at that day. And I will denial for a couple times.
If I can make a wish to God. That we’re never separated. I wish I can.

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